Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Balance in Our Lives

As youth workers/youth ministers, we seek to be faithful to God as we live out our call. At youTheology, we're very mindful of this. One of our projects this year is a publication entitled Youth Ministry in a Technological Age. It comes out of our last Youth Workers' Gathering, in April 2009. I'm thinking about this project a lot right now, so I guess it will influence some of my blogs.

One of the issues we wrestle with is balance. This predates our technological world. However, it takes on a new shape and meaning now. We need to ensure God is at the center and not squeezed out or put to the side. We have to nurture meaningful relationships among friends and family. Of course, we must be available to our youth and not just simply plan events for them to attend. The question is, how available? Not just with regard to the youth, but with other people and related activities. How accessible should we be when we can be reached almost constantly through the click of a mouse, a button on a cell phone, and we can go on . . . .

We want to know that if people need us, especially our youth, we are there. Nevertheless, if we're not careful, we can easily crowd out God and what really matters. Moreover, we can end up being scattered, reacting to everything that comes, as soon as it comes, missing the mark. The world we live in makes it seem like that's how we should be. I've been there, believe me, and visit there too often.

What we can do is pause and breathe, and say, "Lord, what now? How can I best please and serve you in this moment, surrounded by all that is around me?"

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