Friday, January 15, 2010

Perspectives from the Field: Engaging Youth For Christ

One of the many joys of working with youth is being able to help expose them to valuable life learning experiences. We must continue to energize them with God’s Word and to meet the temptation’s of today’s society that our youth face every time they step outside of their door. We must realize that if times change, we must also change with it. If we have to have youth group meetings at the local Braum's, so be it. It should never matter where you have your meetings, as long as you are strapped with the Word of God.

One of the hardest things for any youth worker is trying to reach all the youth with one lesson. This is truly one of the most difficult tasks because each youth learns in different ways. They have different life experiences. They may also have different interests and concepts of fun. The one word that I use for this situation is VARIETY, which allows you to reach more of the youth you are trying to teach. You must mix it up and keep it interesting for the youth. I know this may be draining at times, but you must have excitement in your voice, in your step and in your heart, each and every week. Please continue to shine your bright light on our Savior, Jesus Christ.

by Earl Williams
Youth Director and Safe & Sacred Space Trainer
Grace United Methodist Church, Emporia, KS
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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