Monday, March 8, 2010


I am probably not alone in liking a certain routine to life. I like coffee every morning. I like to catch up on the late scores I missed when I fell asleep. I like to drive the same way to work every day because it all feels comfortable. Having said all of this, a big part of what I do is to advocate for people to experience transformation (change). Something happens when we think about God deeply!

In all the years I worked with youTheology it has been no different. I am asking the young theologians to experience transformation as they engage the Methodist tradition. It is my hope that they will experience those wow moments as they read, hear and talk about our rich tradition. And the truth is they do. They are open to changing and digging deeper into their spiritual lives.

So I have asked myself the question, “How can I advocate for transformation, but want consistency in my own life?” As I reflect upon my encounters with students, I have realized that what makes youTheology so remarkable is that even though I may want to stick with a certain routine, I have experienced transformation. I have started asking different questions. I have started thinking about learning differently and what it means to be a learning community. I am a better teacher because of youTheology.

The truth is when we are a part of a special community it is hard not to be changed. We all leave different than the way we came. Sure we still have some of the same old routines, but we also are willing to do some things differently because God has disrupted our lives. What makes youTheology special is it changes all of us and that is remarkable!

Dr F Douglas Powe
Associate Professor of Evangelism
E. Stanley Jones Chair in Evangelism
Saint Paul School of Theology
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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