Monday, March 29, 2010

My Call and youTheology

Hi! My name is Alex Wright. I attend Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, where I am a double major in Religion and Applied Philosophy with a minor in Sociology. After my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend seminary to complete my MDiv working towards becoming an Ordained Elder in the UMC.

I participated in youTheology in 2007-2008. That year in youTheology was an experience that I would not trade for anything. Not only did I meet my best friend, and make friends for life, but I learned about my religious history and grew in closer to God. I also grew confident in my calling to ministry. youTheology helped me to work and stay on the path of my calling. It gave me an amazing support system of friends to call on.

Church is a huge part of my life. This year, I am a summer intern, as well as a VBS leader, lay member, and Sunday school teacher. I teach a weekly women's Bible study and participate in the campus pre-ministerial program.

Right now I am in my 4th semester at Simpson of working at an elementary school with a literacy program and at a Hy-vee food store in town. I love to scrap-book, quilt, and read. I also love golfing and fishing.

I was once told that a false god could never surprise you. God presents me with surprises everyday. I feel God’s presence as I see a child’s face light up when they get something, or the child smiles when they see me at Hy-vee. But I would say the places I see Christ most in my life are in the little things: a person saying thank-you or donating money to the Ronald McDonald House. For me experiencing Christ comes in so many ways: prayer, reading, and music.

youTheology taught me an amazing lesson - that if you silence yourself you can hear and see God and Jesus all around you. This is what I try to do in my life – each and every day.

Alex Wright
youTheology Alumna
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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