Monday, March 1, 2010

Youth Theology, youtheology, youTheology

What word or words do you see in your mind's eye when we say, "youTheology? Of course, those of us who work with the program know what the word looks like and how to spell it. It's one word that contracts two words. It begins with lower case 'y,' has only 1 't' and 1 'h.' Although the 't' comes in the middle, it is capitalized. We even italicize the word, hence, youTheology. Students in the program are called youTheologians.

I was reminded that it is a totally different word in a recent conversation when the person with whom I was speaking thought I meant youth theology. Now, it could have been two words, or we could have simply joined the two "youth" and "theology." We didn't. Instead, we created something fresh that speaks of youth/high school students:

~~Engaging their faith and reflecting theologically,
~~Becoming more aware of God at work in the world,
~~Connecting their faith and the world,
~~Discerning how God may be calling them,
~~Living into Diversity,
~~Learning more about the Methodist tradition.

It's an exciting program. It's about agency for our high school students as they develop their leadership abilities.

The theological reflection continues with adults who work with youth in our Youth Workers' Gathering where we stay current with what is happening in youth ministry. It is also facilitated through our down-loadable curriculum resources.

youTheology, yes! Thanks for sharing this pilgrimage with us.
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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