Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It is tempting and often seems easy to just adapt uncritically what appeals to youth. We want them to come so that they can hear the good news of Jesus Christ and accept the salvation that God freely offers through Christ. A few weeks ago, I wrote a little about the need to be critical and discerning as we seek to be relevant and gave some guiding questions. David White goes even further in Practicing Discernment with Youth: A Transformative Youth Ministry Approach. He emphasizes the importance of moving beyond the expectations and modes of our culture where adolescents are concerned and adopting an approach to youth ministry that is "framed by the practice of discernment" (White, 2005, 60). We will look some more at this over the next few Wednesdays as we prepare to look at "The Changing Face of Youth Ministry" with keynote speaker David White at Youth Workers' Gathering 2010, April 23-24.

Given your context, what do you think of youth ministry that is framed as discernment?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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