Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Together

On a Christian pilgrimage, one is a member of a community of pilgrims in which we learn and teach others the intricate relationship that embraces us in being known by God in Christ. It is a jouurney onward with others, in friendship, in which we both belong and learn to live aright as we move toward something better and more beautiful (Webb-Mitchell 2003, 166).

This indicates that pilgrimage in the Christian faith is a communal, complex, educative activity of co-learners and co-teachers. The subject matter goes beyond the community, yet encompasses the community as participants discover the profundity of being apprehended by God in Christ Jesus. As comrades travelling together to a more splendid space, we are linked and become versed in right living.

I see much of this is youTheology's Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage. We belong to each other. We are learning from and challenging each other to exemplify the youTheology theme, "Loving God, Loving Neighbor." The more we travel together, the closer we grow, and the more we learn about the places we visit, each other, and what it means to live for God; a God who has already reached down and claimed us through Christ.
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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