Monday, June 21, 2010

youTheology and My Relgious Growth

My name is Winn Haynes. I was in the youTheology Class of 2006. Today, I am a rising senior at Hendrix College in Arkansas, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies: Bioinformatics. This summer, I am working at Seattle Children's Research Institute doing bioinformatics research into mass spectrometry driven proteomics as part of a summer internship.

As you can probably guess from the above, I plan to go to graduate school in biomedical and health informatics and pursue a career researching in the field. I hope to be able to focus my research on curing Type I Diabetes.

I feel a very strong calling to my research and believe that it is where I am meant to be. I also try to remain active within my local faith community.

was a wonderful program where I was able to experience religious growth and meet some truly amazing people. That year in youTheology helped to clarify my religious understanding. I continue to feel strong ties to the church as a result.

I am actively involved in the campus ministries at Hendrix College. I attend and participate in the weekly chapel services as well as the special services. Also, I am involved in the United Methodist Youth Fellowship program at Hendrix which has monthly meetings, two yearly retreats, and weekly attendance at several religious activities.

Between work, school studies, and church activities, I enjoy cooking, running, backpacking, and reading.

By Winn Haynes
youTheology Alumnus
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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