Friday, July 2, 2010

Perspectives from the Field: Great Tips for Annual Planning

-Be sure to have ministry goals, which will guide the planning. Goals should be developed in conversation with church leadership, youth workers, youth and parent representatives.

-Ask youth workers (if you're coordinating) to submit their ideas for plans one month before plan is enacted.

-Work out all scheduling with the youth ministry committee and the Church office.

-Disperse the plan widely to parents, youth, and church leadership.
Definitely utilize technology.

-Finally, get the annual plan approved by the relevant person or body.

Idea for the Planning Meeting
Invite all youth workers, and any others helping to plan, to a planning party! Have food or refreshments for attendees. Make the tone of the planning party serious, yet enjoyable.

At this planning party, you will want to foster a spirit of creativity and collaboration among workers. Arrange seating that encourages conversation and interaction. Provide ample time for discussion and decision-making related to previously submitted ideas. Since the environment will be somewhat relaxed, be sure to keep the team focused on the task.

Pray before and after. Follow the move of the Spirit, and believe God for the best outcome. Happy planning!

by Arionne Williams
Minister to Youth and Families
Metropolitan AMEZ, Kansas City, MO
Deputy Chair youTheology Advisory Board
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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