Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dont' Stifle That Anger

There are many who would have us behave and act as if everything is alright all the time, even obvious mistakes have been made. I find this particularly true in some youth group circles. We project this attitude in our effort to make everyone comfortable and at home. In this environment, therefore, we are supposed to be calm and not get upset. Thus Kathleen T. Talvaacchia's statement can seem at odds: "When we see clearly, we do not run away from those conflictual moments when true dialogue and authentic learning become possible" (Talavacchia 2003, 62). In other words, when we truly see the participants, including ourselves, and the dynamics in a multicultural learning environment we are able to deal with the clashes that stem from honest expression in which their is genuine receptivity.

This statement reminds us that there is a place for disagreement and challenge in our interactions with each other. Moreover, when we do not allow safe spaces for these, we short change participants and ourselves as leaders of deep learning and journeying to new places. We miss the gift God has given us for deeper understanding of God, self, and others and fuller healing. We even run the risk of harmful explosions in less safe arenas.

How do you handle moments of anger in your context?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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