Monday, August 9, 2010

Stage 1

The journey has begun for 21 youTheologians along with their mentors at locations in Kansas City, MO and El Paso, TX. This is a new journey for some leaders as well. For others of us, it is an ongoing Pilgrimage with new stages. For all of us, the 2010-2011 youTheology year has begun with excitement, joy, and anticipation of what is ahead.

We give God thanks for Orientation just past: new learning, friends, strengthened relationships with God and those around us, and new leaders emerging. Indeed God is good to us. The pictures on Facebook tell the story.

Much of the learning took place at Saint Paul School of Theology or via video link at Lydia Patterson. However, on Friday, youTheologians at both locations went on a rural ministry day. The Kansas City Group went to First Presbyterian Church in Osawatomie, KS in the morning. There we learned about joys, challenges, and opportunities of rural ministry. We were able to ask questions and then we were refreshed through the church's hospitality. In the afternoon, we spent time at the John Brown Memorial Park and Museum. First Presbyterian Church arranged this for us. We learned some of Osawatomie history and were able to do hands-on ministry that would serve the people of Oswawatomie. These experiences added depth to our discussion later on about inclusion and exclusion.

The youth led worship on the Friday night. Two debut sermons were given. We plan to put them up on Vimeo. We already have up some reflections from the weekend and singing from the worship service. It is truly a joy to be led in worship by people who are enthusiastic about God and give time, thought, and prayer to the words and general leadership they give.

When I look back on the weekend, one thought predominates: To God be the glory.
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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