Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Passions

We have many passions. In general, people in youth ministry are passionate about their students, God, and youth ministry. The order in which these come varies from person to person. Of course, there are other passions. We may be passionate about a particular movie, about a video game, a person, etc. You can make your own list.

I was reading Missional Church in Context: Helping Congregations Develop Contextual Ministry and it caused me to ask a question,which I'll share with you: How passionate am I about getting the good news about Jesus Christ out in the world? How passionate are you about this? Not getting it out among your students, as important as this is; or out in the church, as important as this is; but going beyond. Now, it is true that in sharing news we begin where we are, but how often do we think past what's in front of us? Important also, is a related question: How passionate are we about empowering our students to get the message out in the world?

So, here's the sentence that got me thinking and asking these questions:
It is clear from even a cursory reading of the book of Acts that God is passionate about getting the message of the good news about Jesus Christ out to the world." Van Gelder 2007, 30.
Van Gelder is pointing out that even if we just take a quick glance at the story in the New Testament book of Acts, we can't help but see that God is eager that the good news of Jesus Christ be communicated to the world.

If we accept this, it only leaves two key questions for us in youth ministry:
~~Do we share God's passion?
~~Are we enabling our students to share God's passion?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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