Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who Are you?

WHO ARE YOU? That's a question that is often asked of Christians and the institution of the church. Many times, it's unspoken, but at its root is a search for congruence between our faith as seen in the Bible and in the life of Jesus Christ and our words, attitudes, and actions.

Who are you? It's a question we need to ask ourselves as we hold ourselves before the mirror of the Scriptures. We also need to recognize that our young people are asking this question. In Keep It Real: Working With Today's Black Youth, Michael T. McQueen wrote a sentence that relates to this point: "[Teens] are rightly confused because it appears that we who comprise the Christian church are confused as to how we ourselves are to model a Christian lifestyle and behave in secular society" (Wimberly 2005, 102). He is saying that the Christian faith community is uncertain about how to live as Christians in and out of the church. If indeed we are uncertain, then the question, who are you, needs an urgent response. Especially as we McQueen highlights the negative impact this has on our teens.

Who are you?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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