Monday, November 1, 2010

Mentor Bites: Celebrate Mentors!

This past Saturday, the Northwest Wesley Center celebrated Homecoming along with the rest of the campus in Maryville. I am certain that the front room couches were carried outside to the curb so that everyone could watch the parade together. I am assured that there were sprinkled doughnuts and hot coffee for everyone gathered there. Alumni, community members and students alike shared in the blessed experience that is Homecoming at Northwest Wesley. And in the middle of it all, were the campus co-Pastors, who I called mentors for many years.

Don and Marjean Ehlers changed my life. They were the ones who said "yes" to my preaching (even when it was far from preaching and more like public speaking). Don and Marjean knew what it meant to put God first, family second and their ministry was always a very close third. Don and Marjean loved the idea of forming Christian community and even though the Wesley Center was on the edge of campus, after the walk you knew the doors would be open and there would be someone to talk to. They were an example to me that I still consider in ministry situations every day.

As you mentor young people, try and remember to celebrate those that have mentored you in the past. God has given you people that have brought you to this point. Thank God. Amen.

By Emily Carroll
youTheology Mentor Coordinator
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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