Friday, November 5, 2010

Perspectives From the Field: As Sure-footed As A Deer--The Blessing of Autumn

I love Fall! Although summer has been my favorite season since I was child, as I get older, Fall is now emerging as the best season in my view. It brings the beauty of the foliage in the tree leaves with all their bright colors. And the crispness of the cool air ushers in a much needed break from the sweltering heat of August. It's cooler, calmer, and more relaxed than summer. It is a time of confidence, beauty, and inspiration. I love Fall!

I wonder... does it mirror the seasons we experience in our spiritual lives? Fall can be like the strong confidence we have in our faith lives, after we have experienced the growth of Spring, and enjoyment of Summer, and we are now walking with assurance in God's plan for us. “He has made me as surefooted as a deer…Psalm 18:33 (NLT)” We hear God and God hears us. In one sense, all is well. We are sure of our relationship with God and excited about the future. . .

. . . Then out of nowhere comes winter with its cutting winds, endless snow, and bitter cold. . . Life can get crazy all of a sudden. Everything goes wrong at once! Loss of a job, death in the family, betrayal of a love. . . And we are not sure where God is or how we’re going to make it through yet another trial.

If any of this sounds familiar, then I am not the only one!

The truth is we all experience seasons in our lives, and this includes our youth. We should be intentional about teaching them a way of being prepared for the winter, for it is surely coming. Fall is our time to be strengthened in faith so when the rain, snow, and sleet show up, we make it through. Sure, even if the blizzard comes through and nearly buries us alive, God will be there to deliver. Praise the Lord! But I encourage you to experience Fall and the time it gives us to grow closer to God.

by Arionne Williams
Minister to Youth and Families
Metropolitan AMEZ, Kansas City, MO
Deputy Chair youTheology Advisory Board
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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