Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Remembering God

With all the resources that we have we can fall into the trap of conducting our ministries as if God was that optional extra. We plan, we figure what we want, we get the resources, and then, oh by the way, God. God, please bless these plans. God, please keep us safe. But where was God in the beginning? So related to Monday's blog, God must be the center from whom everything emanates with Christ as the head. Now, there may be a better way to say this, but what I seek to convey is that without God there is nothing.

It is only God who can bring life to what we do and change hearts and minds. Without God, we're just another . . . . something; often indefinable. So God, not as an afterthought, but as life itself. OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook suggests this approach to the Bible when it says, "What young people need and seek in the Bible---what we need and seek in the Bible ---is not the Bible, but God" (Dean 2010, 89). In other words, we go to the Bible searching for and expecting God; to meet with God and to be changed. Thus, the Bible is not about our curiosity, simply finding how to prosper, how to be better, etc., but it is about God.

Can we surrender our agendas so that God would be glorified not only through the reading of the Scriptures, but in all that we do because our lives are about God? We then constantly admit our need of God and search for God with all our hearts for God is our only source and our hope.
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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