Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Worship God

Today, I'd planned to go in a different direction from the last two blogs I posted. In those two entries I blogged about remembering that God is our source and the importance of keeping God at the center.What changed my plan, or maybe I am better off saying God changed my plan. A section in OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook caught my attention, especially these words: "So we do not need to make worship meaningful; it is already meaningful. An encounter with the living God, coming into God's presence, is as meaningful as this life gets" (Dean 2010, 100). This says that worship is already filled with significance because it is about meeting God who is alive and it doesn't get any more significant than that. Yes. This is something we emphasize in youTheology, that worship is about God. Yes. It troubles me when I see many awkward and uninspiring attempts to get people to like what we do in worship and focus only on how people are responding to worship and when I hear some people talk about worship as if it was all about them. Sometimes guilty.

So, as in other areas, God has to be first. Worship, like life, has to be about God if we are serious about serving God as Christians. If our worship is more about how we feel and what we get out of it, isn't it idolatry?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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