Monday, February 21, 2011

yT, Time With God, and Joy

Hi, I'm Hannah Boren. I'm currently going to Wartburg College, which is a small private college in Waverly, IA. I'm studying Elementary Education. At Wartburg I'm involved in an organization called SMART, a program to spread awareness about sexual misconduct focusing its efforts in consciousness raising among women.

I was part of the 2009 class of youTheology. That year was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I learned a lot about Methodist history and how the things that happened back then have impacted what/who we are today. While learning these things we were able also to share our faith through service. We toured sites on the east coast and actually visited places that had historical significance to the Methodist/Wesleyan movement in the US.

The people that I met while in this program had a great impact on me that I still feel today. I learned so much from them. I was also able to grow in my faith journey because of the friendships developed during the program. youTheology encouraged me and gave me a chance to spend more time with God and learn more about God.

While at college I've found a United Methodist church in the area that I try to attend. Whenever I am back home I am still a very active member of my church. I still go with my church youth group on their mission trip during the summer.

As a college student I experience God every single day. Right now I am taking a religion class that has given me a chance to dig deeper into the Bible and explore more about the basis of my faith. Praying has become my most solid connection with Christ right now since I do a lot of it. I feel like it's a connection that allows me to keep from being too stressed and it allows me to thank God whenever something happens that feels like a special gift (of sorts) for me.

My faith is what drives me everyday and it's what keeps my life so much more joyful!

By Hannah Boren
youTheology Alumna
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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