Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beyond Violence

Our students are experience violence in various ways. We looked at that in last week's blog. I also made reference to Jeanne Hoeft's action for caring for youth in this context and moving beyond violence. I will share her four alternatives with you in this blog. They are:

~~helping [students] to name the violence for what it is,
~~sharing resources from the Christian faith that will help them understand the nature of violence and will help them live with courageous hope in response to it,
~~building relationships of mutuality, and
~~engaging them in activities for building a just and loving world.

Thus, there is a place for sharing experiences and situations and being honest about the times and places where violence has occurred, whether we were victim or perpetrator. We don't stop at what we and others have experienced, however. We use our faith to help us interpret what has happened and move forward. Moreover, we work to relate to each other in life-giving ways that are reciprocal and move to action.

~~What are the resources from the Christian faith that you draw on in dealing with violence in your student ministry?
~~How are you building relationships of mutuality?
~~What activities do you and your students engage in that will build a just and loving world?


Hoeft, Jeanne. "The Protected Generation: Fear, Violence, and Perfect Love." In Loving God, Loving God, Loving Neighbor: Ministry With Searching Youth, 108-126. XLibris, 2008.
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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