Friday, August 12, 2011

Perspectives from the Field: Crazy Busy Summer

Summer is supposed to be a time to rest & relax so why does it seem like it’s crazier than ever?  Trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule can be a challenge.  And when you get together, it’s important to find the right mix to make sure they’re having fun but also growing closer to one another and closer to God.

It’s a good idea to exchange ideas with other youth leaders to find out what worked for them, realizing that you might need to modify their ideas to fit your program.  Also, consider getting involved with other youth groups to do stuff together that you might not be able to do on your own.  For example, my youth group participates in a Mission Trip organized by the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Over the last few years, my youth have been to Kennet, Jefferson City and St. Joseph (all in Missouri) as well as Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma), New Orleans and Colorado Springs.

We also regularly participate in Festival of Sharing (in Sedalia in October) as well as WOW (in Springfield in January) which are now circled dates on our annual calendar.

One event to consider is youTheology’s "ONE God, ONE Day, ONE Love" event which takes place on August 20th.  You just need to round up your youth, show up and participate as we’ve already planned out the details.  To learn more, please visit plus you can LIKE youTheology on Facebook @ 

by Mark Whitaker
Youth & Young Adult Director, Communications Coordinator, & Scouting Rep
Avondale United Methodist Church in Kansas City MO (North of the River)
Advisory Board for youTheology / Marketing Coordinator
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

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