Thursday, November 24, 2011

Facebook and Youth Ministry

For many people, using Facebook is like breathing. For others, not so much but it is still a part of their lives. Many of us who work with youth entered the world of Facebook before it was as big a buzz as it is now out of a desire to locate and/or connect with our youth outside the ministry setting.

Ryan Langeland, Director of Youth Ministries at Manchester UMC, gives good guidelines for using Facebook for adults who work with youth. There are many helpful insights in his chapter, "Engaging the Facebook Community," in Youth Ministry in a Technological Age. What's really neat is that he recognizes that even when there is a separate group for the ministry, what we post on our own page can still be seen and needs to be in harmony with what we profess. Very importantly, he advocates similar boundaries to safe sanctuary or youth protection training in using Facebook..

What do you consider appropriate use of Facebook as a youth minister and in using it as a youth ministry tool?
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