Friday, January 27, 2012

There's Got to be More

There's got to be more: You know it and I know it. Yet, a quick look at some of the main stories suggest that the primary activity of teens involves acts of violence. Here is a sample:

Teen Beating Video Has Teens Concerned About Their Safety At ...
About the authors: Julianne is a senior at Elk Grove High School and Erik Martinez and Salomon Navarro are senior and sophomore students, respectively, at Curie High School. All students are reporters for The Mash, a weekly teen publication distributed to ...

Students say teens didn't stand out at high school
ROY -- Joshua Hoggan, 16, one of the two teens arrested on suspicion of plotting to bomb Roy High School, had a Facebook page that opened his life to...

Teens Charged With Stabbing Garland Man & Setting Van On Fire ...
Police in Garland say what began as a wild night of partying quickly got out of control and now two teenage girls are being charged with Capital Murder.

Of course, that's after the big buzz about Google+ allowing teens on their social network.

You and I know that many teens are engaged in actions that are helping to improve lives and build a better future for many. They are contributing citizens. We've blogged about them on the blog, for example in this post. I meet and interact with them at churches in youTheology and on the road. I read about them. You do as well. There are more students in our world than violent teens.

And yet violence is a reality. One person involved in violent acts is too many. A group is far too many. How do we expand our reach to provide meaning and alternative ways of dealing with life and anger to the teens who are involved in violence? How do we go beyond our circle to include all and help them to know that there is more?

What are you doing?
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