Friday, February 3, 2012

Perspectives from the Field: Civil/Human Rights, Concern for Others and Justice

A few weeks ago, we honored the memory of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his leadership in civil rights, human rights, concern for the oppressed and justice.  Now, we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day which is a holiday to celebrate love.

In between these two holidays, I ask you … What greater love exists than the love of our God when he gave us His only Son and then died for us on the cross?   

The two holidays celebrated most in the church are Christmas and Easter, celebrating the birth of our Lord and his resurrection.  However, let’s not forget the sacrifice he made for us on Good Friday.  Yet, it’s not all about birth and death.  Look at the way Jesus led his life, the lessons he taught us (and still teaches us today) and how he treated others.

In youTheology, we are reminded of the importance of “Loving God, Loving Neighbor” and need to remember that this isn’t just a phrase but a directive on how to live life.

How do YOU show God’s love and concern for others?  What are do you doing to remind others of God’s concern for justice?  How can we as God’s children advocate for Civil Rights and Human Rights?

by Mark Whitaker
Youth & Young Adult Director @ Avondale United Methodist Church in KC North 
Chair, youTheology Advisory Board
Loving God, Loving Neighbor
Developing Faithful Leaders for a Diverse Church and World Now and in the Future

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