Monday, February 13, 2012

The Tech Difference

There is a difference. We know that. Teen brains don't function the same as adult brains and for good reason. They are still developing and executive functioning is still getting there.  This affects judgement, how things are processed, and even how emotions are interpreted and reacted to. There are other differences. Adults bring life experiences that teens do not have which will also influence judgement, processing, and the interpretation of and reaction to emotions. We expect that experience is accompanied by maturity and wisdom.

When we look at the use of technology in this light, therefore, it is not surprising that adults have a more positive Facebook experience, as the post below outlines.

Adults Like Facebook More Than Teens, Pew Says
Eighty-five percent percent of adults surveyed believe that visiting social networks like Facebook are a pleasant way to spend time; that figure comes close to the proportion of teenagers who've witnessed mean or cruel ...

Because of teens' developmental stage and inexperience, as adults we desire to protect them. We do this by offering practical guidance as well as general principles that they can, and we hope will, use to maneuver the internet safely. We talked some about this here in a previous post. Parents, particularly, seek to be more hands-on and look for ways in which they can block harmful sights from their children's on the internet, etc. Then there is the issue of safe cellphone usage.

Below, an attorney shares apps to help with the dangerous practice of texting while driving. Of course, adults may benefit from these as well since this is one area where at times adults and teens seem to be on the same judgement level.

NY Attorney Offers Advice on Technology that Helps Keep Teens ...
Technology can help to prevent distracted driving and keep your family safe.

So, there are positive ways in which we can apply technology. This applies not only to adults, but also to teens. Zamzee is a fun way for to motivate young gamers to keep moving physically toward a healthier lifestyle.

Zamzee: Using Technology and Gamification to Make Fitness Fun ...
Well, there is a new gaming technology designed specifically for teens that did just that and actually got teens moving 30% more – the equivalent of one marathon a month! Zamzee is a gaming concept that tracks how much ...

Technology is used differently and makes a difference.

How are you using it differently from the students with whom you work and how is it making a difference in your life?
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