Friday, February 24, 2012

What Language Do You Use?

This is a very interesting presentation from Pew Research Center's Internet& American Life Project on, "Speaking the Language of the Next Generation." It is comprehensive as it compares generations and age groups along race and ethnicity, educational level and by gender, location, religious lives, values, use of technology, etc. lt looks at the role of social media among the next generation as well as their greater openness and acceptance, comfort with and even need for ambiguity. By the end of this presentation, we have a very good idea of how GenXers and the Millenials are distinctive and how we can use media to communicate with them.

Take a look and see. This was prepared for an audience that uses media for religious purposes:
  1. How much of what you already knew does this confirm?
  2. What is new?
  3. What do you take away from this that can help to inform how you do ministry with your students?
  4. How does this help you to better communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ?
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