Monday, March 19, 2012

Healthy Living

The preteen and early teen years are critical as students adjust to the beginning of the adolescent period. This is a time when adult support is very important so that they develop healthy habits. The blogs below point this out. The first one shows the connection between healthy habits and happiness. The second one looks at the influence of parents on the mental health of teens while reminding us that we are all responsible.

A new study shows that teen's adoption of healthy habits is directly linked to their happiness. Teenage years are somewhat problematic to children as they try to understand the changes in their bodies. This is also the time ...

Relationships key to teens' mental health: study. Interpersonal relationships at home, school and with peers appear to be critical for positive mental health among young Canadian teens, a major study suggests.

How do you support students in this critical stage of development so that they practice healthy habits and enjoy meaningful and open relationships with adults?
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