Friday, March 9, 2012

Planting Seeds

In many ways, that's what we do in youth ministry: plant seeds. We could take a broader look and realize that in general, our interactions with the young plant seeds because of this impressionable and vulnerable period of life. The question then is what seeds are we planting?

I suspect that the answer to the question regarding the type of seeds we plant in young lives has to do with how we view teens coupled with our interest in their well being. Here is an example.

The author of the article below points out that part of the reason teens start smoking early is because they are targeted by the advertisers. In other words, they are viewed as commodities that will yield profit in the short and long term. Thus, the seeds of tobacco addiction are planted.

Most smokers start before it's legal for them to buy tobacco. A new report released Thursday by the U.S. Surgeon General blamed the problem on the way tobacco sellers market their products.

Though not having the same intent as the tobacco industry, if we are not vigilant, we will allow technological addiction to take root. This can have adverse implications for health and social life, as noted below.

Technology has been advancing at an increasingly rapid rate, particularly over the past decade. There is rarely a teen found without a cell phone clutched in their hand, and virtually every teen has access to their own ...

Of course, we can be intentional about planting seeds for a bright future as this group is doing in a variety of ways:

(Jeff Vorva/Tribune). The Orland Township Youth and Family Services Group has been serving two groups of teens – those who want to be leaders and, recently, those who get into a little bit of trouble and need to be led.

In youTheology, we seek to develop faithful leaders for a diverse church and world now and in the future. We value the students who come to us and see them as active agents in God's work and create a space for them to discover and live into their potential.

What seeds are you planting in your student ministry? Check: How do you view the students and what is your interest in their spiritual well-being?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor
Developing Faithful Leaders for a Diverse Church and World Now and in the Future

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