Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Side of Abuse

How often do we talk with our students about abusive dating relationships? In this video from BeSmartBeWell, young people discuss the issuse:

There's also an article at the link below that gives some statistics, warning signs, pointers, and places to go for help:

Feature Article: Teen Dating Abuse

"From installing baby gates to fastening bike helmets and seat belts, parents put their kids’ safety first. But once kids hit adolescence, the risks can become less obvious. . . ."

Here are some things for us to consider as we continue to minister to students:
  • How are you addressing the issue of teen dating abuse in your ministry so that students are forewarned and/or able to recognize when they are in an abusive relationship or are themselves abusers and/or know where to turn to for help?
  • How are you creating an environment that would allow students to come forward if they need help?
  • Which Scripture resources will you draw on in addressing this issue?
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