Monday, April 2, 2012

Toward Sustainability

Wow! What a time we had at Youth Workers’ Gathering 2012 in Oklahoma City. Last weekend (March 30 to Saturday 31) we met at Church of the Servant and engaged the theme, “Sustainable Youth Ministry.” This was just what we needed as we learned how to prepare ourselves, our team, our environment, and our structure for the long haul. It was all-encompassing but it was also practical with time for personal assessment and engagement with others. Mark DeVries, author of Sustainable Youth Ministry and Executive Director of Youth Ministry Architects did an excellent job of presenting and facilitating our work around
 the theme. Spirits were high.

There was lots of conversation and laughter as people got to know each other and share with each other what happens in their contexts and their lives. This was fun and necessary. One thing that is evident is that we cannot go it alone. We need each other. We need our congregations. We need good volunteers. We need to be part of a team.

The rest of the leadership team for the weekend led us in inspiring worship, devotions and shared nuggets for us to use at the beginning, small church, and programmatic levels in youth ministry.

So today is Monday, and we’re back in our usual places, but wiser and stronger, so not quite so usual. And now the task immediately in front of us is to continue or start building  a sustainable youth ministry "one brick at a time."

We give God thanks.

How are you building a sustainable youth ministry?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor
Developing Faithful Leaders for a Diverse Church and World Now and in the Future

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