Friday, May 11, 2012

Color Blind?

What do we mean when we say that we don't see color, with reference to others? Could we possibly be denying their personhood by ignoring an essential aspect of who they are? Is the issue so much what we see or how we see and how we treat what we see? With what awareness do we live?

This article here and below highlights teens who were able to go past "colorblind" to an authentic engagement.

Teens Create Award-Winning Documentary On Race Relations ...
Seeing firsthand the places they'd read about in history class made the civil rights struggle come alive for three Webster Groves students. Now Hannah Davidson, Jamie Garland and Katie Ribant are helping spread the ...

Next month, youTheology will be taking a multi-racial group of students on its Annual Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage. We will learn afresh the history of our participating churches, AME, AMEZ, CME, and UMC at historical sites. Much of this history is painful. Much of it has to do with race. We too would hope that our students would value and appreciate the richness of the diversity of God's creation as seen in each other and in the people we meet, as well as come to deeper understanding and engagement of themselves and others. This history is more than a show. It is a story of struggle, dignity, an understanding of self as God's free creation, and God's grace and redemption. It is a movement of and toward justice.

How are you engaging and teaching about diversity and justice?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor
Developing Faithful Leaders for a Diverse Church and World Now and in the Future

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