Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Do We Know?

Whenever I read Chap Clark's recent work, these questions surface: What do we know? How much do we know about the youth we serve? It's not that we know nothing. Of course we know  something; quite a bit in fact. But, what remains hidden from us because deliberately and/or because we are only seeing what we are looking for and/or because we don't know what to look for and/or because of a lack of trust and/or because of the spaces in which we interact? Quire a range, I know.

  • I think the main question for me, though, is what kind of spaces do we inhabit in our youth ministry? 
  • Are they real enough relationally? 
  • Does the content intersect with and draw on life as it is for students as against life as we imagine and/or would like it to be? 
  • Is it safe enough physically and emotionally, etc? 
  • Importantly, does it go beyond the confines of the youth group room into the world that teenagers inhabit? 
  • What do we know?
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