Tuesday, October 23, 2012

youTheology Lessons

Recently, I was privileged to hear from youTheology alumni how God has been using the youTheology ministry in their lives. It was a real blessing. Their experiences spanned a number of years. As I listened the following themes emerged as to what gave meaning to this time in  youTheology:.

  • Becoming part of long-lasting community of peers who took faith seriously.
  • Interacting with adults, including seminary professors who took them seriously and engaged them at a deep level.
  • Learning more about the Methodist heritage, including what it believes.
  • Being able to exercise their gifts in ministry, including preaching their first sermon.
  • Having a place to be heard.
These are the things that endure and are so much a part of who we are as Christians. We are called to love one another with Jesus' love. This means taking each other seriously and honoring each other's gifts, regardless of age. It means entering into each other's stories and listening. It means working through what it means to live faithfully, with the help of God and others who are walking this Christian road, some having been on the journey for a longer time. It is also learning more about the faith context out of which we are called to live out our Christian lives. Ultimately, it's about loving God and loving our neighbors.

What gives meaning in your youth ministry? What do the young people say?

Loving God, Loving Neighbor
Developing Faithful Leaders for a Diverse Church and World Now and in the Future

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