Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time: A time to focus on Jesus' life. Ordinary Time: That time between the major festivals of the Church.

I like ordinary time. Yes. I know the word comes from a Latin word and has to do with numbering, but I like to think of it as a reminder that the day-to-day events matter and that there's nothing wrong with the ordinary, that time in between the high moments of life.

There's nothing wrong with a variation from the heights but we're presented with extremes as if they are a way of life - extreme makeovers, extreme fitness, extreme coupon tips, etc.

Increasingly, we're made to feel as if all of life must be lived on a high. Yet, it is in the regular rhythm that we lay solid foundations; foundations on which the high moments are built.

We are called to live and witness in the here and now, the everyday rhythm that sometimes seems monotonous, rather than continually chasing the exteme in perpetual motion that kills us and those around us. This motion disdains the ordinary and leads to dissatisfaction with the precious moments God has given us in which to do good, to lift up the fallen, to find purpose and meaning. We forget that many of Jesus' great acts occurred in the ordinary of life, as he was walking, worshiping, etc.

Ordinary time - a good time. As we come off from the high of Christmas and focus on Jesus' childhood and life, may we learn anew what it means to follow Christ. Like Jesus, may we too "increase in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favor" (Luke 2:52 NRSV).
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